Borrowed Light

This piece was commissioned for a house in Crowthorne.  It was a 1920s house that had a long dark corridor connecting all the bedrooms on the first floor.  In order to provide natural light into this corridor the original designers of the house had placed "borrowed" lights above each bedroom door.  This allowed natural light to flood into the corridor.  I love changing borrowed lights as the natural light is designed to flood through these windows.  The client brief here was to use the peacocks in the wall paper of the room in the stained glass for the borrowed light.  The piece was going to be fitted above the young girls bedroom and was to be made in pinks, blues and purples.  I particularly love this colour pallet and the peacock I painted in the glass looks surprised and regal.  The light that floods through the window casts particularly lovely light.

I also redesigned another window in the house.  This borrowed light was above the brothers window ! He did not want something pink so I decided to keep it simple and painted his initial above the door and utilised a more boy appropriate colour palette for this particular window.  The brick design followed the wallpaper in the room and again allowed the natural light to flood through the window casting amazing lights and shadow in the previously dark corridor.