In this workshop we teach how to distort a linear pattern of stringers into a repeatable and intentional patterns.  This technique utilises one the basic principles of kiln forming - using volume control and displacement to physically change the shape of lines creating an appearance similar to a graph of harmonic waves.

Glass stringers are thin threads of fusible glass and are a valuable addition to the kiln artist’s library of materials. They are a perfect way to add an accent of colour, a crisp line or series of lines in various diameters to any fusing project.  In this workshop we will learn how to fuse stringers and deliberately distort them to create unique patterns in our glass creations.  In addition, we will learn about how the chemicals in glass can react together to add interest and patterns in the final fused creation.

In the class you can create a 15cm x 15cm glass bowl.  A variety of colours of glass and stringers are available to allow many colour combinations and different designs in the creations.  All materials and equipment will be provided.  

Cost: £65 per person (Max 5 people)
Time: 10.30am to 3.30pm

When you arrive we will have tea and freshly brewed coffee (and cake!) available.  Tools and all materials are included.  We are aiming to create a fused glass tile 15cm x 15cm which can then be slumped into a bowl.  This course aims to expand the knowledge of fusing enthusiasts but is also suitable for a beginner.

The workshop will last between 4 – 5 hours.  Here’s what to look forward to.

Introduction:  After a short safety talk and orientation, we will go over the activities of the day before everyone gets “hands on”.  

Session 1:  First we will take a look at some samples of work which can be produced during the workshop.  We will talk about how glass fuses together and the different effects that can be achieved.  We will discuss patterns, colour combinations and how glass reacts to create different effects.  We are aiming to design and start the tile before our coffee break.  

Refreshments: Coffee, tea and cake will be provided in the studio and a pause to recharge our creative batteries.

Session 2:  After the break we will cut the stringers and arrange them on the tile ready to go into the kiln for an overnight firing. The pieces will be ready and posted to you to arrive after the class.