Commission's process

If you are interested in commissioning a stained-glass window, door panel or decorative  piece, the procedure is usually as follows: 

If you are local, Caroline will make an appointment to visit you and discuss your requirements, or you may prefer to visit her workshop (by appointment) where you can see reference books  and glass samples. If you are not local, we can still start the design process using email, Zoom,  phone and post. This initial design consultation is free of charge.


Once the initial design ideas have been discussed, you will be given a ball park quote. If you  are happy to proceed, we would then finalise design ideas and produce a formal quotation.  At that stage you will be required to pay a one third deposit to confirm the order.  

Upon receipt of the deposit, a scale sketch of the design would be made and once approved,  the full-size plans drawn up. These can either be bought to site or posted to you. In addition, final measurements of the window will be made. At this stage the glass colours can be  selected and if it is possible to visit the studio a large range of glass can be viewed and colours  discussed and finalised. This can also take place over the internet via Zoom. 


From this point, lead time is usually 6 - 20 weeks, depending on workload. For large projects  the timescale may be longer. On larger commissions, a mid-way payment will be invoiced  for, and the final payment is due upon completion of the windows. 

Once the windows are ready they can be hand-delivered to you, or you are welcome to collect  them. Fitting of the windows can be arranged we work with a very experienced fitter with  many years of installing stained glass windows, or you may prefer to undertake this yourself. 

Panels can also be sealed into a triple glazed unit. I use an external glazing company to triple  glaze panels and have extensive experience using this company. I can provide a quotation for  this as part of the initial quotation. Triple glazing adds to the structural integrity of the panel  and protects the stained glass within a sealed toughened glass unit. It is however essential  that the stained-glass panels created are dry. Once I have made the units they need to sit and 

dry for two weeks and then sealed into the units. This drying time cannot be shortened and  rushing this part of the process will lead to moisture being sealed into the units. Triple glazing  prevents heat loss and provides extra security, specially to front doors. I have a sample unit which I bring to the initial design discussion and can advise on the best approach to take.  

Prices for stained glass can vary enormously. As a general rule, you can expect to pay £150 - £600 per square foot, depending on the complexity of the design, the type of glass used and  how much glass painting is involved, and there is a minimum order value of £300. Delivery  and/or fitting costs are extra.