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Caroline Small

How Bombina Glass was founded by
Caroline Small...

I make images in glass inspired from the patterns in nature and structures that occur naturally.  I originally trained as a scientist and numbers are present in many natural settings from sunflowers, crystal structures, shells and succulent plants.  I find the mathematical sequence of numbers pleasing and science creates amazing and beautiful structures. I use this as the inspiration for my work.  I etch the images into flash glass, paint and fire the glass. The glass is then leaded up into panels using traditional techniques.  I work from my studio in Chobham on commissions, exhibition panels and teaching workshops.

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Science is all around us and with a background working in neuroscience research, I find the construction of the natural world both fascinating and inspirational. Nature produces incredible structures and the piece I have created for the exhibition is a panel inspired by the Crystalline structure of Vitamin C
I have used a microscopic picture of Vitamin C as the starting point of the glass piece.  The work is made entirely out of glass and lead created using traditional stained glass techniques.  Antique hand blown flashed glass is cut and then engraved. Some pieces of glass have been screen printed on original bespoke fused glass sheets. The glass is painted and stained using silver stain.  It is fired in a kiln before being leaded up into the panel submitted using traditional techniques.

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