Grisaille Window

A grey window


In stained-glass painting, the term grisaille refers to an ornamental nonfigurative design painted in black line on colorless glass. Grisaille windows developed after a prohibition on the use of colored glass was issued by the Cistercian Order in 1134.

The client brief here was to create a window that contained no colour.  They also wanted a stag beetle on one of the leaves.  It takes a while to see but the beetle is engraved in flash glass in the bottom left panel.  The beatle does have a dichroic emmerad shimmer that can be seen when the light reflects off this window.

This window is engrave, painted and then sealed and shimmers in the light.  It also shows what is possible to achieve in a limited colour pallet.  Contained in this window are green grey, blue grey and clear glass.  All the glass used in this window is mouth blown english antique glass which gives by far the best quality of light and final finish.

There are many, many hours of painting and engraving in this window and it was created during the corona virus lockdown in 2020.  It provided hours of therapeutic relief during that time.